Raewyn Cervin’s paintings are steered by her personal story, primarily a love of domestic craft, interior decorating and gardening. Raewyn and her late husband spent years on a labour of love, transforming the family property from a run down bungalow on the banks of the Upper Waitemata Harbour to an ornate home surrounded by landscaped gardens. This home was visited by garden clubs, used as a fundraising venue and the setting for a feature film.


“Home is the beginning of all stories and the base of all literature. The home shuts out casual surveillance and allows individuals to drop their social masks to be themselves. And home itself has come to be seen as an expression of the individual.” (Curator, Shiralee Saul).


 Originally the garden began as a respite from years in a nursing career. This hobby for home decor and gardening developed, and courses in interior decor, floral art and painting were undertaken. The horticultural interest eventually developed into a calla growing business and these colourful blooms were exported to Hong Kong, Japan and America. The flowers were constantly monitored for any sign of virus or disease so that high quality marketable flowers were produced for export.


It was within this domestic environment and horticultural business where flowers were intensely observed, that Raewyn’s direction was forged. The creation of composition in the home and New Zealand landscape, and the attention to detail became manifested on to the canvas.

Hydrageas oil painting

Green with Envy, Oil on canvas, 45 H x 61 W cm, $550.00

Roses oil painting

Beauty & The Beast, Oil on canvas, 76 H x 76 W cm, $750.00

Upper Harbour Auckland oil painting

Upper Harbour, Oil on canvas, 50 H x 75 W cm, $790.00

Old NZ homestead oil painting

The Homestead 2, Oil on canvas, 45 H x 61 W cm, $550.00

Painting of succulents

Sun Lovers, Oil on canvas, 45 H x 61 W cm, $550.00


kiwi bach oil painting

The Bach, Oil on canvas, 91 H x 61 W cm, $795.00

old nz homestead garden oil painting

The Homestead, Oil on canvas, 45 H x 61 W cm, $825.00

Flowers in Green Vase, Oil on canvas, 50 cm diameter, $450.00