Margie Woodward has painted for many years.  Originally she concentrated on water colours but recent paintings have been produced in acrylic paint -  which enables her to bring more colour vibrancy to her painting.  Margie was born and raised in South Africa and her paintings often reflect the colours found in that country's beautiful diverse landscape.

Bush landscape

Bush in Colour, Acrylic on Canvas, 50 H x 50 W, SOLD

canterbury landscape

Canterbury Sunrise, Acrylic on Canvas, 50 H x 50 W cm  $300.00

Opoutere New Zealand landscape

Opoutere, Acrylic on Canvas, 60 H x 60 W cm, $300.00

spring garden landscape

Spring Garden, Acrylic on Canvas, 76 H x 100 W cm, $450.00

cup and saucer still life

Cup & Saucer, Acrulic on Canvas, 25 H x 25 W cm, NOT FOR SALE

Chair and vase of flowers still life

Home Delights, Acrylic on Canvas, Framed, 42 H x 53 W cm, $280.00

Poppies still life

Poppies, Acrylic on Canvas, 76 H x 100 W cm, $650.00

Springtime still life

Springtime, Acrylic on Canvas, 60 H x 60 W cm, $300.00


Zebras, Acrylic on Canvas, 40 H x 30 W cm, $260.00 

Colourful vase of summer flowers painting

Summer sun, Acrylic on Canvas, 38 H x 38 W cm, $380.00