Kelly, born 1972 and living in Auckland NZ, has recently stepped away from a professional marketing career to follow her passion in interior design and art. Primarily a self-taught artist, she has attended painting classes at the Lake House Art Centre over the past five years, providing her with valuable insights to technique and composition. She also attends a ‘Friday Painters’ group, enjoying a collaborative artist’s environment under the expert tutelage of Lib Steward. Preferring to work in oils she focuses on true life subjects - realism with a twist. Her works aim to be thought provoking with an unexpected edge.

The soup

The Soup, Oil on canvas, 45 H x 91 W cm, $875.00

The Soup 2.jpg

The Soup II, Oil on canvas, 30 H x 61 W cm, $550.00

The Soup 3.jpg

The Soup III, Oil on canvas, 25 H x 30 W cm, $450.00

The Ambiance of Marthas Vineyard, Oil on canvas, 76 H x 101 W cm, $1,540.00

Spotlight on Boston Green, Oil on canvas, 92 H x 122 W cm, $1,850.00

Vanitas Still Life 1, Oil on canvas, 76 H cm x 101 W cm, $1,540.00

A Feather in her Hat, Oil on canvas, 76 H x 61 W cm, $740.00

Black & white oil old men

Putting the world to right, Oil on canvas, 62 H x 77 W cm, $840.00

flamingos oil painting

Flamboyance, Oil on canvas, 76 H x 76 W cm, $740.00

The absolute imperfections of the Hoi Polloi, Acrylic on canvas, 61 H x 61 W cm, $400.00 each or $1,200.00 for series


black and white nuns snoking

Seeking the light, Oil on canvas, 51 H x 76 W cm (based on photo by anon), SOLD

Brigitte Bardot oil painting

Brigitte, Oil on canvas, 62 H x 77 W cm, white wood frame, SOLD

David Bowie black and white oil painting

David, Oil on canvas, 51 H x 76 W cm, black wood frame, SOLD

1920 glamour lady with chicken on her head oil painting

What lies beneath, Oil on canvas, 76 H x 51 W  cm, SOLD

black and white oil dancer

The disappearing dancer, Oil on canvas, 101 H x 76 W cm, SOLD