Hilary’s paintings are expressions of the contrasts of her upbringing.  Born in the U.K., raised in Kenya and settled in New Zealand.  She paints with spontaneity, shape, texture and colour that flow together to express those life experiences, and her current travels provide an exciting and additional perspective to her early impressions.  She paints on canvas, using acrylic and mixed media.

Autumn in the south abstract painting

Autumn in the South, Acrylic on Canvas, 90 H x 90 W cm,  $1,150.00

African Series painting

African Series 1, Acrylic on Canvas, 75 H x 60 W cm,  $1,000.00

African Series painting

African Series 2, Acrylic on Canvas, 102 H x 76 W cm,  $1,200.00

The Party abstract african party

The Party, Acrylic on Canvas, 120 H x 85 W cm,  $1,350.00

Summer abstract painting

Summer, Acrylic on Canvas, 76H x 76W cm,  $1,080.00

Global Warming Series abstract painting

Global Warming Series 1, Acrylic on Canvas,  Framed, 95 H x  105 W cm,  $1,400.00

Swathe, Acrylic on Canvas, 101 H x 101 W cm,  $1,320.00

Masaii Dancers, Acrylic on Canvas, 76 H x 102 W cm, $1,200.00

African Series 2, Acrylic on Canvas,  76 H x 76 W cm, $1,080.00

Coastal Series 1, Acrylic on Canvas,  75 H x 75 W cm, SOLD

Untitled, Acrylic on Canvas,  61 W x 91 H cm,  $1,020.00

Coastal Series 2, Acrylic on Canvas,  50 H x 70 W cm, SOLD

Leopard, Acrylic on Canvas,  76 H x 76 W cm, $1,080.00

South Island Series 1, Acrylic on Canvas,  25 H x 66 W cm, $588.00

Seascape, Acrylic on canvas, 30 H x 122 W cm,  SOLD


Guardians of the Pacific  SOLD